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ALL BIZ LIMITED is staffed by professionals with a solid track record and twenty (20) years experience in the areas of video/audio production, event management, publishing, television and radio broadcasting. The Team Leaders Bernard Fanis - Managing Director– Administration & Human Resources. An award-winning television producer, journalist and documentary specialist Bernard is highly experienced in managing projects and events. Bernard is ably supported by his fellow Directors: Kirby Allain - Director – Creative Dept. & Corporate Communications. Bradley Lacan - Director - Production & Quality Control ALL Biz Limited has a team of dedicated professionals who understand the cost efficient and timely delivery of projects, with quality as our primary concern. The directors of ALL Biz Limited have a well established standing in the local media industry and are creating a new chapter in their history as business owners. Through such solid reputations, ALL Biz Limited has been able to establish and maintain, within a very short space of time, a list of satisfied clients who continue to request our expertise and guidance in handling their video documentation, desk-top publishing, marketing, event management, sponsorship and public relations projects.


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Caribbean Biz Report
Caribbean Biz Report
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